My chicken has Chicken Pox!


6 Years
Oct 26, 2016
Fowl Pox šŸ˜ž
How do I make her feel better? The internet says you can't do much but her eye is swollen shut now
My flock had Dry Fowl Pox last year, with a few eye infections - I could kick myself for not thinking of using triple antibiotic ointment on their eyes! I did try the sulphur powder in Vaseline for the scabs, but wasn't sure if it helped or not. Since then, I've read about others using silver nitrate, and just the other day, I came across Banixx Chixx Spray - it claims to work with fowl pox, and be safe around the eyes. Anybody tried that one?
Warm soak her eye until you can get the eye open and the puss out. Put eye ointment in it. You can buy it at Tractor Supply if one is near you. Eye ointment for humans and animals is pretty much the same, just toss when done so you don't cross contaminate. If there are flies, then you need to keep the bird in a fly free area, such as a kennel and keep bird inside most of the day and only supervised outings with no contact with other chickens. The scabs that will fall off can give other chickens fowl pox if they eat it and the fowl pox virus can survive in the scabs for a year or more in the dirt. Best to order fowl pox vaccine and try to vaccinate the ones that don't have it right now. I am dealing with this also and reading all I can find...
Yes I'll take a picture in the morning. I just checked on her and she was shaking her head?? Eye open though
TSC doesn't sell the vaccine for fowl Pox and online is crazy expensive to ship overnight because it has to stay refrigerated. I don't know what to do

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