My chicken has lost alot of feathers and has red patches. PLEASE HELP!

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  1. slangslow

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    Oct 7, 2010
    Hi all

    i have 3 hens about a year and half old. One of them has been losing her feathers for quite a while now and the bald patches have gone very red. My other girls have all their feathers and look very healthy. at first i thought the others were pecking her but i havent actually seen them doing this and i have used anti-pecking spray but yet nothing has worked. Also they are very friendly and have never seemed to bully eachother in the past.

    i have recently adopted 6 ex battery hens which seem to have more feathers than her. Please help im worried about my baby.

    Also she doesnt seem to be losing any more at the moment but they dont seem to grow back in her bald patches.

    many thanks
  2. Rocky Top Chick

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    Feb 2, 2009
    North Carolina
    She could be going through a molt or the others could have picked her feathers. I have a few that lost feathers and they will not grow back until they molt again. Be sure and watch the redness. Mine will get very red when they are excited (i.e. feeding, treats, or rooster action). After they settle down the redness goes away. Hope this is helpful.

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