My chicken has runny poo, tail down, weak, please help.

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    My 1 year old (about 14 months) Cinnamon Queen is acting weird today. she has a full crop, but her tail feathers are down, she isn't talking, and every so often, she lets out some white runny poo (i think). it has a little green in it but mostly liquidy white. im worried because usually she is running around having fun, and runs up to me when che sees me. she has been barely moving today, and seems weak (she couldnt get a corn kernal off the cob) and the other chickens are taking advantage of this. i trew some other cobs in the other direction, and put one down right in front of her, but the other chickens came over and pushed it away. she walked over trying to get to a cob, but they wont let her in. its not like they are pushing her out, they just aren't paying attention to her. when i opened the door to let them out today, she didnt come. i went in and brought her outside, and she stayed in the same spot for at leat an hour, maybe 2. Please help, she is my favorite chicken, and the first one that layed of my initial flock
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    Pick her up and see if she has a congested sound in her chest, or runny mucus/discharge around her nose. If so I would give her some tylan 50. 1 cc for about three days. You should be able to get it at your local feed store/vet. You can also use tylan 200 however I usually cut the does in half. You can give it to her down her throat or by injection. I usually try down the throat first if possible but if not, l try and inject the tylan under her skin. There are other anibiotics out there, but tylan has always worked well for me. Hope this helps!
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    Thanks, i had someone else tell me antibiotics too. ill look toorrow, anyone else have any ideas?
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    I always go for probiotics and electrolytes with a sick bird and it works wonders! They have it at Tractor Supply. I forget the brand but it's a powder in packets...hope she gets better!
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    usually i dont bump but im worried. i would like more input
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    The problem is, these are all common symptoms for a variety of ailments including but not limited to: intestinal worms, mite and lice, respiratory infections, being eggbound or internal laying, cocci, and even extremely serious diseases like Marek's. What you need to do is try to find a diagnosis that makes sense through a process of elimination. Look for other symptoms that might give you logical path to pursue. For example: When was the last egg you KNOW this hen laid? Is there any sneezing, discharge from eyes or nostrils? What's the condition of the vent? Any sign of mites or lice? Any hard mass that feels like an egg? Has she been wormed recently? Was she vaccinated for Marek's? Does she feel thin? etc. etc. Best advice is to pick up your hen and give her a good physical exam, answer some of those questions, and then repost any additional information about symptoms or your own best guess as to what might be wrong.
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    i dont have much time, but we did isolate her this morning to see if she is laying (someone else said eggbound) there is no sneezing that i know of, and no discharge that i know of, but like i said i dont have much time too look until this afternoon. we have never wormed the chickens. i dont think there is mites, i looked, but i didnt look too hard. ill get back to you this afternoon
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    she didnt lay an egg today and it doesnt look like she has eaten
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    she seems in pain, she is hunched up. i really would like some response. it doesnt look like she has had any bowel movements today, i dont see anything on the wire cage bottom. is there anything i can do? is it something i have to wait out. is this something antibiotics can cure or something more serious? PLEASE RESPOND GUYS! im really worried
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