My chicken is dying


Mar 30, 2018
We rescued BB 6 months ago...long story, they said her feathers and tail would grow back but they didn't, nor has she ever laid an egg. I have no idea how old she is and she has always been relatively sedate, however now she is sitting all day long on the ground of her coop with her eyes closed and her wattle has turned brown. She is obvioulsy dying, does anyone have any idea from what? It's too dark to take a photo but I will in the morning.
I'm sorry...I could guess anything in the book and it would just be a guess.
Are you in the US?
If so you could send her body to your state lab and they will give you a real answer.
I had a hen whose comb lost its bright color once, and while searching for answers I read that it could be due to a number of reasons. A lightening in shade due to stress from molding, or getting bullied. Discoloration like spots due to diseases, or color changes like black or purple from frostbite, lack of oxygen, and the scary heart or liver problems. I can't say I've read brown as a color for any of these, but mine was due to molting so I stopped looking into it. I hope she pulls through and you find some answers.
Sorry to read this. But is there a reason you don't take her to a vet? If nothing else have her humanely put down. Sounds like she's probably not feeling good at all and in pain.
Welcome to BYC. Could you post any pictures of her and her comb? If feathers are pecked out by other chickens or overmating, it can take as long as a year for the next molt for feathers to grow back. And if chickens are still pulling out feathers, it may keep happening. A brown comb sounds bad, but pictures can help. Look her over for any moving tiny insects around her vent and elsewhere, which could be mites or lice. Check her lower belly for any enlargement that might be a sign of reproductive problems. Look at and feel of the crop, to make sure it empties overnight by early morning.

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