my chicken is dying!


8 Years
Jul 27, 2011
about 3 weeks ago one of my chickens started acting funny, she would just sit there with her head tucked in and was very lazy, then she started having trouble walking like she was drunk or didnt have the strength. she died about 5 days after she started looking lazy. now another of my girls is acting the same way! what should we do? what does she have? i mixed a little chicken antibiotics in with the water i hope that will help her get better but does anyone know what else i can do?
I Wish I knew more about the diseases and illness's they can get I hope you get a knowledgeable reply ! Makes me very sad that your going through this Good Luck I hope the antibiotics work ..

Just a suggestion though .. Have you checked them for mites ? Is she eating ? What type of poop are you noticing these things can help others try and help you ..
ill see if i can catch her pooping today, she wont let me get close enough to check her for mites :(
her poop is white and brown i think thats normal, but when she pooped it looked like she lost her balance and had to take a few steps back
so sorry, look up Marke's disease, it may be the problem, but could be a number of things.
good news! i think.... looks like its a leg injury thats making her walk funny, she seems to be favoring her right leg and mom said the left looks swollen i read that with leg injuries its best to just leave them alone and let them work themselves out. i hope this is the case. it was heart breaking watching her try time after time to get up to their sleeping perch, but she is tenacious so she eventually made it.

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