my chicken is very sick!

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    Dec 20, 2012
    my name is morgan and my sick chickens name is 'morgan'[​IMG] my cat bite her in the face and she was bleeding very badly and it was a deep hole on the top of the wattle and i put honey on it because they say it heals cuts and the next morning her eye was closed shut and would not open and her face was swelled up i don't know what to do!!![​IMG]

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    Hi, Morgan...I'm really sorry to hear about your bird. Depending on how bad the cut is, there is something called Blue Kote that is good for cuts like you are describing. Do you have other chickens? If you do I don't think you should put honey on the wound - the other chickens might like the taste and starting pecking your hurt bird. The swelling around her eye and face just might be from the wound and it may go back to normal soon. Also, try and keep the hurt bird away from the others for awhile until it is better. I hope you your chicken get feeling better real soon, Morgan. Hang in there.
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    Cat bites are very bad things and easily cause infections and abcesses, cats mouths and claws are full of bacteria. Thorough cleaning of the wound is very important, especially when it is a deep puncture. I flush wounds with peroxide to make sure deep punctures get really cleaned out and then apply Neosporin. I am afraid in this instance honey is no where near strong enough to do the job. Antibiotic's for a few days would be a very good idea to make sure she does not get a terrible infection or abcess or to help clear it up if she's already got one starting.
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