My chicken is weak but showing contradicting signs

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Nov 24, 2015
Hey all!

I went to feed everyone this morning and one of my favorite hens was not well. She was laying on her side and appeared injured. I can't find any injuries on her. Wings, neck, legs, feet... Everything looks normal. Her vent is clean. I don't hear congestion or see discharge from her nostrils. She is really weak and looks somewhat like she got her bell rung. I brought her inside and offered her food and water. She drank and has a great appetite. I don't see any mites/lice on her. She does feel kind of thin. I'm not a good judge on how much meat they should have on their breasts but she feels like she has almost none. Her plumage looks to be in good shape too. Anyone else have this problem? She is with he Pygmy Goats and mini pigs so she could have been knocked around I guess. But she's been with them for months.
oh poor baby. I think you did the right thing to bring her in. Chickens (birds in general) heal much faster in warmth. I had a Silky attacked by a hawk with open neck that I had to perform surgery and stitched her up, and she recovered very quick kept at 85 degrees, lots of blueberries (her favorite) and gave extra probiotics (human probiotics work). I used a chicken diaper found on ebay and the cheap diaper actually worked very well while I had her inside. Good luck!
That's tough to describe and it depends on bird breed. you don't have just one hen do you? Chickens are very social animals and don't do well alone. If you have simlilar breed then check and compare. As long as her crop is full and active she should be ok. Don't separate her from her flock for too long as you risk other members fogetting about her in less than 2 weeks. I did that once and the poor bird ended up at the bottom of the pecking order.
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If she feels skinny, she probably is all your animals live together? The goats could have stepped on her...and pigs will eat chickens...especially if the bird isn't moving the chickens have to compete with the other animals for food?
It might be worth you researching Marek's disease. It is very common and attacks young chickens usually under a year old. Wasting (being thin) despite eating well is a symptom, as well as sudden neurological problems which can cause partial or total paralysis of limbs and/or neck or just a lack of coordination. There are many other possible symptoms with this disease which make it very difficult to diagnose until after death. I have a couple of chicks suffering from it at the moment and my past experience has been that some recover, so I try to keep them as comfortable and happy as possible for s long as they have quality of life or recover.

Not saying it is Marek's, but it's a possibility.

Good luck with her
She's a little more perky. Ashe ate all her food too. How should their breast feel?
Feel her along the keel (breast bone). If the keel is jutting out with no meat along the edges, then she is skinny. If the keel is standing out slightly, but has meat palpable on its edges, then the bird is perfect. If the keel is set into a meaty chest, then the bird is fat.
Hello there. I have a Young Silkie hen who was attacked by my rooster while she was to young and it almost killed her trying to mate. Well she seems to be okay one day and then weak and very still and disoriented the next and this is a repeat condition. I bring her in for a night or two to regain strength and then in a couple of days shes back to being weak again!. I'm not sure what to do about it. Any suggestions will be muchly Appreciated . Thank You , Laurie

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