My chicken just wants to lay around.

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  1. BeakCosby

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    May 11, 2014
    Long story: About two weeks ago we bought an adult chicken because my son thought it was a pretty bird. It was also fairly sociable and didn't object to being picked up.

    We kept it in the cat carrier in the coop for two days, then let it out into the coop. The other chickens pretty much ignored it - there's enough space in the coop that the chickens can comfortably hang out on opposite ends and just stare at each other. I would let the birds out in the morning to the back yard and the flock, minus the new hen, would all run out and do their thing since they free range the yard. The food and water was outside the coop, and the chicken quickly figured it out and would eat the food and drink the water.

    Fast forward two weeks and I noticed the chicken wasn't on the roosting bars as normal, but sitting in the corner of the coop. I figured it was broody. I don't know if this bird was a layer or not by the time we got it. Second day I see the bird is in the same place so I pick the bird up to get the eggs, and put the bird down outside of the coop. I notice that the bird won't stand, and has a wobble trying to sit up. Brought the bird inside my house and put it in a crate with normal pine bedding with food and water. The bird ate a bit and drank a bit, but otherwise was laying out like the birds do when they're dust bathing. It doesn't want to stand up. It was panting, so I gave it cool water and my wife gave it a bath with a misting bottle. The bird isn't panting anymore but is laying down and still doesn't seem to want to keep any decent posture.

    These birds did get the cocci(?) vaccine. None of my other 9 birds are showing the same symptoms. I'm feeding the bird moistened medicated chick feed when it is eating.

    Ideas? Heat stroke? New bird blues? Sickness? How long do chickens typically stay sick?
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    Could it possibly be a meat bird? They can have leg problems, and don't move a whole lot. Lameness can have a lot of causes from neurologic diseases to vitamin deficiency to a genetic bone problem. Look at the footpads for any dark spot or swelling that could be bumblefoot. Look for any swelling of the legs or joints, or for sitting on hocks or elbows. Make sure there is no paralysis of one of the legs which could possibly maena Mareks disease.
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    Sep 4, 2014
    Hi BC. I have one in the same situation. Don't have a lot to add except well wishes. Hopefully you get some good advice. I'll be looking here for tips. One poster suggested calcium deficiency for layers. I plan to dissolve a tums tablet and feed it to her with a medication syringe. I'm putting medi starter feed in a bowl of cooked oatmeal and a tbsp of coconut oil with a vitamin D gel tab squirted in and a q10 squirted in it as well. I have antibiotics in her water for now. I'm on my cell now and cant link it, but find my post where a member links her suggestion of the possible illness. Worth a shot.
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  4. BeakCosby

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    May 11, 2014
    It's a blue breda, I'm not sure how pure the breed is but the guy indicated that was the original stock. It's not larger than any of the other chickens so I don't think it has any meat bird in it. I checked the feet, there's nothing obviously wrong with the feet (under the pile of feathers).

    If I pick the bird up and make like I'm dropping it, it will flap both wings and move both feet, so my layperson reading is that the bird isn't paralyzed. I realize that looks horrible in text but I wanted to make sure the bird could move everything.
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    Jun 19, 2013
    Do you know how old she is?
    If she is having trouble walking I am guessing she has one of these three diseases:

    -Bumblefoot: Signs of this are pussy, infected areas on the foot pads spreading up the foot

    -Infectious Synovitis: Where the feet are excessive swollen and they are unable to walk.

    -Marek's Disease: Where they have tumors which can grow in eyes, wings, legs, etc. It will cause leg paralysis.

    I hope you find out what your bird has and she will get well soon!

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