My chicken math came out wrong...


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May 19, 2011
So i had five chicks. One leghorn mix, two barred rocks and two ee's. So i started to feel bad to the leghorn, being the only one of her kind (and my daughters favorite to boot) i felt like we needed another to go with her. plus six is a much nicer round number. i went to the feed store today to pick a new one out. But while i was there i spotted someone else... Now my flock looks like this.


I am not sure what happened here. One of these things is definitely not like the others. Darn you fancy chicken!!!
Looks like someone has a white crested black polish to me. Shocking that you found him/her at a feed store. I just love them!
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I definitely like a mixed flock raised together. They are easier to name and watch. You get to know the personalities and moods of each then. Right now I have 30 chicks. mixed run. I want at least 12 layers to go over into the winter. I would like at least two or three roos for possible breeding next spring. They would be housed seperately together. during thre winter and be given hens in spring. What I need to build is the breeding pens, I have definitley got to get better of fibromyalgia and get over a recent surgery. Its frustrating to not be able to do what you know you can do. And want to do.
gloria Jean
I love your flock. My first flock was all different chicks. I love chicken math. I lost one of my hens in March and in my grief, I ordered 25 chicks. When they got here I had 29, then I went to the feed store and seen silkies, bought 2 more. Now with my first flock, I have a total of 33 chickens. I was talking today about getting more silkies, my husband says we have enough; but my chicken math figures that I need at least 2 more.

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