My chicken seems to be dying

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May 4, 2020
Guys, does anyone have an idea what this disease could be. My wonderful chicken first started limping and then she basically stopped walking completely, she would just stand on her feet and barely made a few steps. I thought she might have broken something or had a hip injury so I took her to the vet did an xray but nothing was wrong with her bones. And only 2 days ago she started shaking and twitching, having spasms and she doesn't lie normally anymore, only sideways and she's twitching all the time, she's visibly in a world of pain and it's breaking my heart.

Yesterday she was literally shrieking with pain and threw herself all around the room, it was the most horrifying scene I've seen in my life.
She can't stand anymore or make a sound.
Does anyone have an idea what this disease could be. I'm suspecting it's viral, thought it was Marek's disease but the symptoms don't match that much.
Is there any possible cure for her, I'd do anything?
I am so sorry, but it sounds like she has some illness that is affecting her brain. There are other viruses besides Mareks that affect rhe brain. The only way to know is to end her suffering, and send her body to the state vet for a necropsy M-F. The body should be kept cool on ice in a cooler. Here is a good list of most state poultry labs to contact this morning:

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