My chicken tractor


9 Years
Aug 27, 2010
Quiet Corner, Connecticut
I've lost 2 hens in the last 2 months to a fox(es) and haven't been letting my girls free-range because of it. I hated seeing them cooped up in their run all day long where they've scratched all the grass to nothing. So this weekend we set out to build them a chicken tractor!

Simple design and cheap to make!

It's made from 1/2" PVC piping, connectors and chicken wire. It can easily be moved from area to area throughout my yard. The plan is to let them "free-range" daily in their tractor - moving it around as needed. The corners are staked down since it's light weight and could be tipped if a dog (or fox or other predator) tried. I would never leave them all day when I'm not home in it because it's definitely not Fort Knox BUT it's perfect for them to be in when I'm home and can be at the ready of they start squawking because of an unwanted guest.

Super happy with how it turned out and they seem to love it! Below is a pic of my mom and I with my girls after we finished :) There are more pics from start to finish in my albums!



May 26, 2011
Roanoke County, Virginia
Really nice! I need one of those... I would feel a lot more comfortable when the girls are out. We dont get mammals in the yard during the day because of the dog, but he doesnt stay with the chickens as he likes to stick to one spot and they like to forage from spot to spot. We do have a large population of hawks, though, and I would be horrified if one killed or hurt one of the girls.

That would absolutely keep them safe from hawks!

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