My chicken was attacked and after some time now has a fleshy lump

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  1. kaylamae

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    Jul 30, 2011
    She is a beautiful young hen. And i really love her! BUt something attacked her in her pen. We believe she stuck her head out of the cage to get a passing by bug and a hank got after her (it couldn't have been the fencing tho so dont worry about that). Anyway we have been cleaning her with all sorts of things and after some time being inside the house in a dog kennel we let her into the same pen but sepertaed from the hens in there so they didnt pick at her. And i looked at her today and her neck is healing but.. this one spot is inflamed and red and its like a very large bump (very large for a chicken) and i cleaned her up and placed her inside again but i dont know what else i can do. IT WORRIES be becaseu the wound is very near her head and i dont want to cause bleeding or something..
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    Inflamed and red are signs of infection inside. It probably needs to be drained, and she probably needs an antibiotic. I would give penicillin if I could get it.
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    Can u send some pics.

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