My chickens are cannibals help!

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    Sep 30, 2011
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    I have a group of chickens in a coop around 35-40 chickens, they born back in April pretty much half are rooster other half are females. So far the roosters don't mate but I am having trouble with them eating others feather, they love eating the butt/tail area feathers and almost all of them have no tail cause of this.. Just early today I seen a rooster dead in the coop with a huge rip from his butt, then a female had a little rip from her upper leg and she can't walk well (I put some blue kote on her and put her in a different cage hope she lives), and a rooster with a small wound on his wing (put blue kote on that also).

    I try to always make there tummies full at all times but it seems that's not good enough and it's starting to cost alot.. Is there something I need for them like medication of some kind to stop do this?
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    Do they have enough space? Do they have a large and interesting run or do they free range?

    Are they getting a high protein feed?
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    Sounds like they might need more protein in their diet. Some people suggest feeding kitten food. Be sure the chicken food you are serving has a high protein content. I found it varies from brand to brand. My current brand has 20% and that seems to work without additional supplement.
    I also believe you need to relocate most of your roosters. They're bound to continue to fight, trying to establish top spot in the pecking order.
    Chickens are very sweet, but chickens can be very cruel to each other. Good Luck!
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    May 4, 2012
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    Space in the coop is of utmost importance...if they're crowded they'll peck each other like crazy. They should have 4 sq feet per bird in the coop. Eating feathers can also be a sign they're not getting enough protein. You can try supplementing with yogurt, cheese, pretty much any kind of meat, or cooked beans. It can help satisfy the "blood lust" that develops.

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