my chickens are going free range

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  1. samuel

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    Apr 5, 2012
    my chickens are starting to go free range and they already got the hang of it i let them out in the morning they play around in the yard the they go in the coop at night I'm so proud of them
  2. Rvl Rookie

    Rvl Rookie Chirping

    Jan 28, 2012
    Russellville, MO
    I used to let mine free range all day, but a red fox started killing them. Now I let them out into their run each morning, then out to free range about 3pm. By 6:30 they're usually back in the run on their own, and shortly after that they go in and roost.

    I spend lots of time near my windows now, with a .22lr loaded with Stingers waiting for that fox to come by.
  3. I let my pullets out in the yard all day...But I have a 6 foot ceder privacy fence, so my worry about predators is very limited.

    A co-worker of mine, over in Ft Collins, lost many of her flock to Foxes; so with her current flock, she won't let her hens out during the day unless she's out in the yard with them.

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