My chickens are nuts.


8 Years
Jul 11, 2011
Cottage Grove, Oregon
A couple of weeks ago one of my Bantam Araucana pullets wasn't put to bed soon enough for her taste and started getting on the table on the porch and dive bombing my Arcadia door....

Last night they put them selves to bed - but I didn't latch their door right away. 15 minutes later I heard a racket and went out to find the other one jumping off the table and hitting her head on the ceiling of the porch and then crashing to the ground. There was NOTHING that she could have wanted to roost on where she was jumping... Are they TRYING to knock some SENSE into their own brains? What is this all about?
Might have been chasing a bug
Could have been chasing shadows, saw something sparkly, thought there might be greener grass. Chickens don't really have much reasoning. LOL
The thing I don't get though is that they were roosting in their house. They had to leave their house and go 20 feet onto the porch to jump up on a table so they could jump at a shadow on the ceiling?
Mine do that if I have closed them out of the coop for cleaning and it gets to dark before they go in. It is like they go night blind. Jumping in the corner at the shadow of the roost and looking confused about landing hard on the floor. I now clean the coop when I get home even if it is 100 degrees out (like today).

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