my chickens aren't laying and i don't know why.


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I have 24 chickens between the ages of 5 months and 2 years old. My 2 year old laid 2 eggs just after i got her and she stopped. I have 6 that are 8 months and have yet to lay. My 5 month old girls i think are still too young to lay. I also have 10 ducks and 4 little guineas that share a coop at night with my chickens. During the day they all along with 2 goats and a pig get the run of my yard and get put up at night. Someone is always home with them so we would know if they were laying in the yard. Any advice will help.
They are on layer crumble. The birds are fed in the run so the goats and pig can't mess with their feed
Are any molting? What is their condition, are they thin?
Could they be laying outside? Secret nest?

The ones you just got and stopped are probably stressed from the move. Any flock changes or routine changes will slow production.
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This is one of my bigger girls

This is my tiniest girls. I don't think any of them are in molt and there isn't a possibility of a secret nest. It has been about 2 months with no eggs from any of my hens.
They're just new and adjusting.... nothing is wrong.... the laid the eggs when they came because they were already being produced when they were in their old home.... after a month or so when they adjust well to their new home they'll lay again... update us...

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