My chicken's funny looking eggs


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Mar 6, 2008
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Alright, I suppose this may be the dumbest question ever, but I just really want to know. My favorite little chicken, Puff, lays a beautiful white egg every day (she is a White Leghorn). There is never a question which egg belongs to her. From the first egg she ever laid, they are lopsided (the little point is over to one side) and the very tip of the point (about dime sized) is almost a whirlpool pattern. We all call it her "Puff mark" and think it is just too cute. However, is this something actually wrong with her or just the way her eggs are? The shells are smooth and perfect (exccept that one spot, of course), hard and well formed. Just that funny little quirk with them.
It's not a problem unless you want to sign her up for a 'production' house.

Each hen lays her own signature eggs - some are just more unique than others.

I have one that lays speckled eggs. Another than lays torpedo shaped ones. And another that lays double yolkers at least once a week. All those are normal variations.

Grocery store egg producers would reject those eggs for not looking 'right', but they are pefectly fine and healthy eggs.

I think it's neat that you can tell which hen lays which egg by it's unique shape, color or other characteristic.
I was really just worried something might be wrong with her reproductive organs that could cause her trouble. Glad to know they really are normal.
Honestly, hers could be square and I would think they were perfect.....though I highly doubt she would agree with that statement!!! LOL If anyone heard me talking to her about her eggs they would think I am insane......."OH PUFF....what a beautiful egg, Sweetie, you are sooooooo good to mommy" type thing!!!
My others are all different (such different shades of brown and one has darling tiny freckles) but I have yet to pinpoint which egg belongs to which hen.

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