My chickens have formed two flocks

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    Apr 22, 2019
    Last summer, I acquired a new flock of chickens from three different sources...two Dutch Bantam chicks that are now roosters, a three year-old Marans, and two one-year old Australorps. They are a tight-knit little flock.

    This spring, I purchased two Marans from a friend when they were old enough to be outside without a heat lamp, and about a week later, I got four free chicks that had just gotten their feathers in. All six of the young ones are pullets.

    What I envisioned was a big, happy flock of hens with two rooster brothers protecting everyone. What I now have are two flocks who, for the most part, ignore one another. With past flocks, I’ve usually added only one or two new members in at a time, and after the initial ruffled feathers, they integrate in. These two groups show no interest in one another. Will they join together as one flock as the young ones become reproductively mature?

    I’d love to hear anyone else’s experiences with introducing a group of young birds to an existing flock.
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    Not necessarily.
    If you free range, and have more than one rooster, if any, you may have had a result.
    Separate coops for each group would make life even more interesting.
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    They generally stay in 'sub-flocks' until youngsters are laying.

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