My chickens have kidnapped my duck eggs can I move them?


Jun 12, 2015
Hello everyone I’m interning on a farm for a year, they have a small flock of Muskovy ducks in with their large flock of chickens. For the first time 2 of the ducks have laid 8 eggs and are sitting on them but 5 very broody hens have kidnapped their eggs. The ducks are desperately trying to sit on them but the chicken keep attacking them very
viciously I’m afraid they will kill the ducks. If I move the eggs and the ducks out of the chicken coop will the ducks still lay on them? If so how can I do it safely with out damaging the eggs?
Who sits on the eggs at night, currently?
I would wait until night, and then catch the chickens and lock them in their own coop, but hopefully someone with duck experience will chime in

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