My chickens knock on my backyard door


Oct 25, 2020
So i have a bag of dry meals worms that I give to my chickens every day as a treat. Recently last week, the chickens (hens) just knock on my backyard door every day. When they knock I give them some worms sometimes and it’s very funny.. I’m not sure what they want since after I give them a treat they still don’t leave or just wander around on the deck. What does it mean? I’m just interested because I think it’s rlly cute
We had a hen “knock” on the door once... she had been separated from the others due to an injury, and we had her roaming the yard outside of the run. Well, I hate to say it but we forgot about her 🙄 and when it got dark, we heard a weird commotion at the door... something jumping up and hitting it. I opened the door and there she was - I swear to god she cursed us out and was like “excuse me, did you forget something?”
This chicken literally knew where we go in and out and that she needed to get our attention, and how. We named her Genius.

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