My Chickens Sniff. Normal?


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Sep 4, 2009
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Hello fellow chickenphiles. I've been lurking for many months, but this is my first post.

I'm a newbie. My flock is beautiful: 1 silkie, one polish, two EE, one black star, one Millie, all 4 weeks old. I'm utterly in love.

Everyone is still in the brooder. All eating, pooping, drinking, growing. However, for a couple of weeks now I've noticed that several of the chickens have started sniff-ing. It's not a sneeze per se, but an expulsion of air through the nostrils. It reminds me of when I had an iguana who used to expel salt from his nostrils that way.

There is no visible discharge, or any other signs of illness.

Is this normal chicken behavior? Or an infection of some type? If the latter, what do I do?

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