my chickens weezing

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Jul 18, 2013
So today I notice my hen was weezing and I'm sad I don't wanna loose her I looked in her mouth but I didn't see anything she is just walking around weezing she still eats but she is weezing bad at some times it looks hard for her to breath please help she's my best girl and I would just be heart broken to see her pass away:( I would take her to the vet but I have no money:(
Does she have any swelling of her face or eyes, nasal or eye drainage, bubbles in her eyes, cough or sneeze? If not watch for these, and notice if the area she is in is dusty or has high ammonia levels from chicken droppings. Do you have any antibiotics? I wouldn't use any now, but Tylan 50 at $12 is a good buy for keeping around for any respiratory diseases. Here is a link to the different common diseases:
I keep the coop really clean and they don't go in tell night time or there about to lay a chicken was egg bound a week or two ago and I got her to pass the egg with a warm bath and some olive oil but she hasn't layed another egg after that she looked tired at the time and was not running with the girls tell I got the egg out of her now she is weezing a week or two later and she keeps going in and out of the coop like she's about to lay and egg. Can egg bound be the cause of this:(
Her voice sounds a little weird and I don't hear the weez idk if she was hot or what but she is drinking water now idk know if being egg bound messed her up or if she is trying to lay the egg again but idk what to do I'm new with chickens.

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