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    I had two RIR pullets that were an absolutely wonderful new addition to our backyard, but unfortunately I lost both of them to my dog. [​IMG]

    I picked up two new pullets yesterday - one Ameraucana and one Black Conchin, but neither are eating the layer feed that the RIRs were eating before. In fact, they seem to be very skittish and not too comfortable in their new habitat.

    Any suggestions? I miss the two RIRs dearly, and I was hoping that these two would be a nice new addition. they seem to both enjoy pecking at leaves hanging from my bushes and trees, but won't eat or drink from the waterer or feeder.


    Brian in Boulder...
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    It will take them several days to settle in. Chickens don't do well with change and being in a new place is extremely stressful to them. Keep lots of fresh food and water out where they are. In a few days they should start to settle down. You should also keep a close eye for signs of sickness. This kind of stress can show you what nasty germs are lurking in your chickens waiting for a chance like this to rear their ugly heads.

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