My chicks are cannibals


8 Years
Sep 30, 2011
North Branford, CT
I have around 23 chicks and there around 3 months old.

Today I woke up and saw the bigger rooster that I liked out of the bunch dead and the chicks were pecking/eating his tail/butt area. Now theres another chick with alittle blood near his tail and the chicks are trying peck at him also.

What should I do so no more further injury can happen?
The chick with the wound needs to be removed ASAP, the other chicks will just keep picking at him.....

Maybe their brooder area is not big enough? This is common with bored chicks in tight conditions...All it takes it one drop of blood....The first year I raised chicks I went into their brooder to find a 2 month old chick laid open and devoured by the other chicks. Very disturbing and has stayed with me to this day...
There is a product called "BluKote" which is medicated and it covers any red/blood so the little cannibals don't see the blood and go after the injury.

Chickens ARE omnivores, which means meat, veggies, ANYthing. Including other chickens.
are your chicks buff brahmas . do know why im asking this ? because i sold some chicks to somebody in carrolton ga this fall and you have the same number of chicks that i sold if are the same person that i sold them to please post a reply i want to know please

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