My chicks are doing great~but quick question.


10 Years
Sep 21, 2009
I got 26 EE's from MPC on Tuesday. They are all doing wonderful! I have noticed though that they are all the same size, except one. She is half the size of the others. She seems to be at the same stage developmentally as the others. Meaning her wing feathers are coming in at the same rate. She is just so much smaller. She looks like a chipmunk and has puffy cheeks, but her legs are peach.

Is it possible that she may not be standard size? Could she end up being bantam size? Has anyone else had an EE chick that was half the size of the others and they still grew to be the larger size?
I also got the EE chicks. All seem to be the same size. I would say anything is possible tho I would think the bantams were seperated from the standards in the hatchery.

But I had a hen hatch out some babies and one of them was smaller than the rest and still is. She even seemed behind in the feathering. I just call her my runt. She is my baby and the tamest chick I have ever had. I am sure I spoil her alot.

I would guess you just have a small one and she will catch up eventually.
I was just curious as to maybe there happened to be some kind of mix up at the hatchery.

She is so adorable, I think I baby her more than the others because of her size.
Congrats on your chicks! I also had a chick that hatched and just never caught up with everyone else. She's half the size of everyone else, but no one picks on her. I swear I would think she was a bantam if I hadn't seen the egg she hatched from; it was the same size as the others.
Well I'm guessing I just got lucky and received an adorable little runt then! I'm sure she is bound to be my favorite out of the bunch.

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