My chicks are either smart or EXTREMELY lucky!

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10 Years
May 19, 2009
I let my chicks (now almost 6 weeks old) out to free range this afternoon while I was outside. We normally let them out every evening, but I let them out earlier in the day to enjoy the weather before the evening storms were due. They had been out approximately 2-1/2 hours, dust bathing, chasing bugs and having a blast. They all ended up down by the house in front of the garage, and then they all decided to check out our covered front porch. Just about the time they all got on the porch, I heard the squirrels start barking and the crows raising a fuss, so I looked up and watched as a Red Tail hawk flew overhead! I ran to the porch, yelling for my son to bring the dog crate and keeping the chicks cornered the whole time. We got them in the crate and back into their pen safely, but boy was I scared! If my babies hadn't decided to come to the house when they did and/or to get on the porch just in time, I can only imagine what might have happened...
Sounds like a close call, I tell you mine are 3 mths old and the first day I let them free range a small 1 man ultra light plane went over they all looked up and ran for cover. I like to think they are all really smart.
I did have to laugh at one of my roos today, though (I have at least 4, possibly 5, but he's the "head honcho" right now), and I told my son I wasn't so sure about our flock protection...

We have a pair of wild Mallards that visit us pretty regularly and swim in our 90-gallon decorative pond. Well, no sooner had the chicks gotten out in the yard, than the two ducks came strolling down the driveway. The one roo - we call him Fudgie due to his coloring - stood and looked at the drake for a minute, and then hauled freight to the corner of the house by the porch to hide under a bush! I told my son Fudgie was probably saying, "Every man for himself!"

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