My chicks are here!!!

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6 Years
Apr 16, 2013
I know you guys probably get these posts all the time from newbies like me, but I'm so excited, I just had to share!!! My chicks arrived this afternoon..they tossed in an extra Americana, & an extra White Rock, so I have 27 chicks total. All seem strong & healthy. I ordered a grogel packet too & after giving everybody a drink & placing them under the lamp, I mixed it up. They LOVE the stuff! And, let me tell you, their little digestive systems must work fast, cause literally only 10 minutes after they started eating it, they were pooping floresant (sic) green! LOL
congrats on your new chicks! they are so much fun. enjoy!
Thanks! After I got them all settled in, I pulled up a chair just to sit & watch them. Next thing I knew, it was 2 & 1/2 hours later! :) If everybody survives, I should have a nice mixed flock. I have 4 Barred Rock pullets, 4 Black Australorp pullets, 3 Gold Star pullets, 3 White Rock pullets, 3 Americana pullets, 3 Buff Orpington pullets, 3 Silver Laced Wyandotte pullets, a Barred Rock cockerel, & an Americana cockerel, & the 2 extras. Hopefully they are pullets, but you never know! :) I used Hoover's Hatchery from Iowa & am very pleased!

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