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  1. Urbanfarmer26

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    Feb 14, 2016
    hello all its finally the time of the year where all of us chicken enthusiasts get there batch of chicks into the brooder, but being an first time owner im really nervous. I have the brooder set up and everything working fine until my friend brought into my consideration what if my neighbors complain. the location of my chicken coop will be on the border to there yard and even tho they dont go out at all in there yard i was wondering are the chickens going to be noisy and if they are is there anyt solutions? If this helps im getting two production reds ( Bovan Browns).
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    Here's what you do. Invite your neighbors over to meet the new babies when you get them. Introduce them to the neighbors, and of course, they can't help but fall in love. Who could possibly hate baby chicks for crying out loud or any baby animals, for that matter, as you'll see as my tale unfolds.

    Then gradually drift the conversation to how quickly baby chicks grow, doubling in size each week for the first couple months, and that these tiny beings will be laying EGGS in just six months! Oh, happy day! And guess who promises to share the eggs with their wonderful neighbor!

    Anyway, it may work even if the neighbors are grumpy. This scheme worked for me once when I got a baby goat and got wind that the neighbor across the street was getting cranky about it because he was envisioning a herd of bleating, smelly goats. He met the baby goat and fell in love, and shut up.

    So, give it a try. At least you'll have a much better chance of getting the neighbors on your side than if you didn't do anything.
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    If your coop is that close to the fence line, be sure you don't have any roosters. Hens can be noisy, too, but at least they don't wake the neighbors up at 4:30 in the morning.

    I agree with talking to the neighbors about the chick when they arrive. Offer them fresh eggs after they start laying. That is how I keep my neighbors happy (plus the coop is 200 feet from any houses).
  4. Urbanfarmer26

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    Feb 14, 2016
    Thanks for the awesome advice im looking forward to show of my chicks, also i am planning on having the coop about 20-30 feet away from my house do you think i could hear the hens laying inside my home.
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    Yes, you will probably hear them....even female chickens can be very loud.
    They can also be smelly in hot and/or wet weather.

    Are chickens allowed in your urban area?
    Best find out what the rules and regulations are, in case you have to defend your right to have them.

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