My chicks did'nt hatch?

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    Aug 13, 2013
    This is my second time incubating eggs. The first time I entered 10 chicken eggs, in 21 days they all hatched. Good. So I give it another shot, I enter 40 chicken eggs. Wait 21 days did'nt come out. Wait 30 days and think let me open one up to see what happen. When I open it, it is a chick but it looks like it stop growing in 10 days it looks as if it stop forming or something. I don't know what happened everything was the same as the first time. Same temperature same everything!

    Any Ideas?
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    Apr 11, 2011
    What temp? What humidity days 1-18? What humidity days 19-21? How many times a day did you turn them, or do you have an automatic turner? Was the incubator placed in a draft free room? What type of bator? Did you calibrate your thermometer(s) and hygrometer(s) before you started? Did you candle during incubation at all? If not, did you open all the eggs afterwards to check fertility?
    Sorry, but there are SO many things that can effect incubation. We need more info :)
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    I have had the same thing happen to me before great hatch and then 2 weeks later a bomb.
    Something happened differently...
    .I wouldnt worry too much about the auto turner. Hand turning works as well. but the other things were mentioned all do affect hatch
    A little off and no chicks
    Id open a few more .See if the majority died in the middle orclear ? what?
    Died mid term....can be temp
    Is it Accurate for sure?I use 2 thermometer and the digital on the bator.

    Humidity too low or too high?
    Did you wash and sterilize the bator after last hatch.? Rinse WELL.

    Did you pick the eggs up with unwashed hands to set or turn? Might be a germ got in there from either thing.
    did you open a vent so theygot lotsof air later on IF a lot are full term that died. ...
    Eggs from the same breeder as last time or yours?Could be genetic unless its different breeds that are set..
    Are they shipped?
    Sometimes shipped eggs bomb.Too much flip flopping in shipping and high heat.
    It is VERY dissapointing to not have even one hatch but it can be all kinds of things .
    Set again and see how it goes.
    if you have hens that lay and you know are fertile set a few eggs WITH the ones you buy as a "control" of your hatch
    If yours have been successful before and hatch the next time too and the bought don't...then its the bought eggs ... not your incubating.
    . Basicall y have to rule things out.Try again Sorry about this bummer hatch.[​IMG].

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