My chicks don't peep much...why??

Three Cedars Silkies

11 Years
Apr 17, 2008
Gainesville, Fl.
This is just the weirdest thing. I have a new hatch of 7 mottled bantam cochin chicks from our hen and roo. These chicks hardly peep at all and when they do, it's very softly. They eat and drink fine...just don't make much noise. I'm so used to a loud brooder. You would hardly know they are there.

Anyone else have this experience before??
IMO a contented chick, one that's not hungry or cold, won't peep a whole lot. They're too busy learning about the world. All is right with their world.
None of mine say much unless they are hungry, out of water or are too cold. Then they let me know about it. I would say they are happy is the reason they aren't saying much.
I wish I had that problem!! I have one chick in the brooder right now whose mama abandoned it, and it won't SHUT UP!! If I am in the room where it can see me then it just peeps quietly, but as soon as i leave the room, OMG!!
OT- shelley are you saying it's alone in the brooder? If so, try adding a chick-sized stuffed animal or a hand mirror to keep it company.
I tried the animal, I'll have to try the mirror next. I was thinking of putting it back with mama tonight, to see if she will take it. It was only about 6 hours old when we stuck it under her, with her having day olds already. I think she left it cuz it was too slow. They (the hens) seem like they sit on the chicks for a day or so, until they can get around pretty well, and since this one was so young, it wasn't getting around very good. It is only 2 days old now, I think, and I have a hen that is hatching now, so maybe I'll give it to her.

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