My chicks have hatched


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Jan 29, 2008
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the first one was on April 1st, and then some had little cracks in them and the tap, tap that sound!
I had 8 eggs total, one got cracked by another hen when my cochin went on a potty break. I cracked it the rest of the way and it was a dud.
The last chick hatched around noon today. One other egg was a dud and I took it away. It was weeping and I gently shook it and it was total liquid. (my eggs are green I cant candle and see anything) And I did loose one chick, it was almost hatched but dead under my hen. Fully formed too so I dont know if the hen suffocated it or maybe there was something wrong?
I have a total of 5 chicks, all are 3/4 araucana, 1/4 barred rock (or dominique?) and the fun thing is I never know what color they are going to be. Looks like I have 1 yellow, 2 brown and 2 black.
This photo was from yesterday, and dont mind the temp, its now up to 90. This is the first time Ive had them hatch in the "coop within the coop", and we are having really weird weather. I have 2 heat lamps in there now and a horse blanket hanging over the door to block drafts.

Here are photos from today, the one brown one was still hatching this morning.

The little black one facing away was the last to hatch in this photo. It was not real strong yet.

I love my cochin. She is the best broody hen and teaches the chicks how to eat. She is so cool!

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