my chicks learned to fly

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    May 18, 2010
    My australorp chicks are about a 1.5 weeks old. They live on the laundry room counter. While I was getting them more food and water, they kept flying out of their brooder box onto the dryer (about a foot away). So, I kept putting them back, thinking "stop it! you cant fly yet. i havnt read anything about chicks your age flying!" They wouldnt listen to me though....[​IMG]

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    Mine are much older, just about ready to go outside, but they ARE still in the brooder. They've been able to fly for WEEKS. I particularly like to see them standing around on the shower mat when I open the bathroom door. There are four of them, two bantam breeds and two large fowl breeds. The banties take off and run back to the brooder and fly back up to the lip, then hop down into it. The LF chicks look at me like, "What? We can't stretch our legs once in a while and walk around in here?"

    All four of them will fly to the edge of the brooder when I'm in there for.. ummm... reasons one use a bathroom.... and chirp at me. My favorite (shhhhh, don't tell the others!) hops from there to my knees to peer up into my face. I love those Turn The Head to Look from either eye inspections.

    I found evidence of chick inspection of the bathroom sink, too.

    It's a bathroom; easy to clean. Love my chicks stretching their wings - and legs!

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