My chicks won't roost


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Dec 29, 2008
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Does roosting come natural or do i have to show them how to roost? I have 12 week old chicks and they would rather all pile in the corner and sleep on each other. they were all raised together from day one so i guess they just really like each other, but we have a nice perch for them but they won't use it! What should I do? Is it okay that they all sleep on each other?


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Nov 18, 2007
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How high is the roost? I start mine as day olds on a dowel at 1" off the bottom of the brooder. At a couple of weeks I replace the dowel with a broom handle and raise it another 1" to 2" off the bottom. At a month old I use a 1" x 2" a foot up in the nursery coop. The next step is approximately 3' up in the nursery coop. There are pictures on my BYC Page.
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