My Christmas Chicka's Hagatha&Henrietta


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Mar 17, 2018
This past Christmas 6 chickens came to my yard. I believe they came from the neighbors down the lane. Anyhow, I put announcements up on face book, tried to contact neighbors bit no one claimed them so I started feeding them a little bit cause they had been here almost week. First 2 chickens disappeared and I thought maybe the cold got them cause it was in the single digits. I looked in the woods and didn't find a sign of them. Then 2 days later 2 more disappeared. By this time I was trying to find something to make shelter for them so a thick tarp and a card table on top of a wood pallet was what I had and put a heating pad under some straw I had. Well I had my 2 "chickas" and when it warmed up a flock of chickens led by 2 roosters came a calling, samebreed as my 2. They wanted fed and since they looked so scraggly I fed them some feed however my 2 chickas didn't like and told them all to get lost even though the roosters tried their hardest to make my chickas go with them they stayed and are still here 3 months later giving me 2-4 eggs a day and lots of laughter! They knock on the back door if o forgot to feed them, they wait for me and greet me when I come home from work and they're just a jpoy to have. I looked them up and have come to the conclusion that they are Brahma chickens and cold hearty birds


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What a fun story! Those chickens knew a soft heart when they saw one. I hope they provide you with many years of fun!

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