My circle of life...


8 Years
Apr 7, 2011
I have ducks that dirty the pool. A few times a week, the dirty pool water is pumped to a hose which waters and fertilizes the veggie garden. The ducks will (hopefully) eat the buggies from the garden (well probably some of the garden too
). The bees pollinate the veggie garden. The bees also sometimes drown in the duck pool, which makes them duck food (luckily not too often). The bees make the nectar into honey. So... I get duck eggs and honey and veggies, PLUS all the fun of laughing at the ducks and watching the bees. I have to say I'm pretty proud of myself

Anyone else have an even better "circle of life?"

I forgot, my bf has been making the honey into mead too!
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Yep, that's about the same as my circle of life. Just a dozen more birds. No honey, just fruit trees and veggies. Cherry plums aren't quite honey. Mmmm honey.

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