My Clementine has labored breathing! Help.

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  1. gmrt77

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    Jul 13, 2014
    Portland, Oregon
    My Clementine has labored breathing. I removed her this morning from the rest and I brought her into the house. I placed some water and some food next to her and she drank a few times in the space of a two hours. Then I started noticing how her breathing was starting to become labored. I went to the store and stocked up on VetRX, coccidiosis medicine, and some antibiotic to have handy just in case, and I started my research. I think it may be a fungal infection in her lungs. I realize there was some mold at the bottom of the run, and she might have ingested it. I have measured her temperature and it was 107.4 this late afternoon. I mixed some coccidiosis medication in her water just in case. Around 7.00 I mixed VetRX and gave her some some drops in her throat, and put some under her breathing vents, and under her wings. I have not seen her drink since at least 5.00 and now her breathing is more labored. I haven't seen any droppings (watery green and white) since I brought her in.

    Any suggestions? She seems more lethargic than earlier today and I'm really worried.
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    Aug 28, 2014
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    gmrt77, I just lost Barbara 2 days ago, she struggled breathing. I don't think it's similar to what you have, but I saw possibly sour crop or gapeworm for Barbara's symptoms.
    There are so many new posts out here. I think you can bump this to one of the experienced flock masters, but I'm not sure how to do that yet. Good luck.
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    Oct 29, 2014
    Hi gmrt77,
    I am new at raising chicks... very new, so I'm no expert. But I had an issue with my BO chick... she was having a hard time breathing. Although it's not the same (no mold issue in her brooder), I spent the weekend feeding her yogurt with an eye dropper and giving her drinks of water that had vitamins, electrolytes and anti-biotics mixed in (also with an eye dropper). We really didn't think she would make (my husband went out and bought another chick to replace her), by the 3rd day she started feeling better... by day 5 she was breathing normally and eating on her own.
    Since you're already giving her anti-biotics, I would try the yogurt as well. It was a suggestion from a member on this site... I hope this helps you and that your Clementine gets better.

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