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Hey ya'll my name is Braiden and I have 7 ducks. 1 M Duclair, 1 F Rouen, 1 F Blue Swedish, 1 F Blue khaki campbell and 1 F Fawn and White Runner, 1 f 6weekold crested white and a 5 day old Black swedish. This summer I'm going to try to get some ducklings out of them. I hope you like my photos.

My rouen

One egg already on count!!

(My second favorite)fawn and white runner

My blue swedish

My very important male Duclair

Group pictures

This is my Blue Khaki Cambell duck (top and bottom) and she is very special to me and she also has a story. Well, I guess I could tell you it. For our FFA field trip we went to the state fair, well, it happened to be September 9th( my birthday) so I was feeling lucky. So, I saw this duck for sale so I had to buy her and so I did. Without even thinking how I could even have permission to get her on the school bus.Well, my FFA advisor happened to be related to me and his wife happened to be the buss driver so, they let her come along. So, I rode on the bus with this duck on my lap. I also have a tendency of buying birds and not telling my parents; and this was one of those times but there wasn't any way my parents could get me in trouble on my birthday. The End

I'm sorry I don't have the photos of the crested and the swedish; i'll post them later.


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Beautiful ducks. and

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