My coop

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7 Years
Oct 18, 2012
Central Oregon Coast
My daughter and I built this.

It is just basically 4x4 on all walls, floor and ceiling. We put 9 nesting boxes in. I have to go through the door to gather any eggs. There is no insulation, but our winters are wet with little to no snow. I have at this time put wood on part of the run floor and put some plastic on the out side to keep the rain out. It is not much but it is working for now. I have tried putting straw on the ground of the run area. It just got wet and smelly. That is why now i put the wood on the ground. I did not want my girls to get "muddy foot".

I saw a coop, on here, that I want to do for next year. It is posted by Countrytoosterusa and this is the pic of it

But I do not know where to get the plans for it. Can any one please help me locate the plans or get in touch with this person? I am new to this and not sure how to search members yet. Or if there is a way too. I just want to get the materials for it this winter so I can build it come spring.
That;s the same size as mine and I keep six birds in mine. Winters are really mild here so they don't stay inside much so it works to sleep in. It would be too small for more birds or if confined to the inside for periods in bad weather.

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