My Cornish..confusing but awesome!


12 Years
Mar 4, 2007
I have been raising my cornish their entire life...4-5 with the layers. They are completely different looking from the cornish I have helped my buddy raise before at this age and from what I have seen online. These cornish are behaving/growing more like freedom rangers. They are getting a choice between 16% feed and 20% usually almost 99.9% of the time eating the 20%. And get to be outside as much as they want and run the whole chicken yard. They are still very active and have strong legs. I'm hoping though just like a freedom ranger they will continue to grow even though they are given soo much room to excericise and such. I will have to get pics of them tomorrow...they are from TSC and they get them from Mt.Healthy in Ohio.
Pics to come tomorrow!
My Cornish X's are nothing like they were the last few years. They are so much more active this year. It kinda sucks because in previous years I didn't mind butchering them. This year.... I don't know, they are doing so much more than just eating and pooping

I talked to a friend that bought his from Hoover's too, and he says the same thing. These guys are foraging and running around like they are just normal chickens.
It's good to hear that someone else is expirencing this. It really isn't a bad thing in my eyes...actually kind of happy. As long as they hit a good butchering weight around 10-12 weeks of age.

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