my coturnix eggs are due in 4 days what can I feed them

If you have adult quails and feed them gamebird/meatbird/turkey starter crumbles then just grind them up into almost a powder. Putting them in a plastic bag and pounding them with a rolling pin works well. I then used a sieve to sort out the smaller bits from what hasn't been mashed much. You could also wet the crumbles to make it into a mash but it will probably spoil after awhile in the heat of the brooder. They will also eat mashed hard boiled egg (I always add some water to make it gloopy and not so dry) but they can't live on just egg, and again it will spoil after a short time in the heat.
28-30% protein game bird or turkey starter.. If there is too much powder in the feed it can cause respiratory issues, aside from the fact that the birds waste it. You dont actually have to grind it but people feel they do because the chicks so small. Doesnt really matter either way as long as they are eating.
I have 13 day old coturnix egg everything is black in the egg but I cant see no veins do you think theyre going to hatch

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