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    got sick of wating for the men's restroom at our favorite restraunt Casa Martinez and decided to use the woman's [​IMG] . Anyway he walks out and this lady gives him a real surprised/dirty look and he tells her "What I lifted the seat?". [​IMG]
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    I'm still trying to figure out how the line at the Mens was longer than the one at the Womans? [​IMG]
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    Quote:My kinda guy [​IMG]
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    LOL! My dad would NEVER! It would hurt his pride too much [​IMG]

    I never understood why people are so weird about sharing the same bathroom with the opposite sex. Many places in Europe do this and my freshmen year at college there was only one bathroom on the floors. The floors were single sexed, but guys who visited the floors often used the bathrooms. I'd often get out of the shower and see a guy washing his hands LOL. It never bothered me a bit!
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    Quote:[​IMG] Me too!

    I've had to dash into the mens room myself once or twice, when the line for the womens restroom is like round the dang block! What on EARTH takes women so dang long in there? [​IMG]
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    Hey, when ya gotta go...


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