my dark brama roo holding his foot up


5 Years
Mar 27, 2014
i noticed my roo was holding his fooy up yesterday. After looking him over i noticed where his feathers attached to his leg looked very red and sore and most of his tail feathers are missing. Not sure if they have fallen out or pulled out. Will take some pics later. very worred about him.
The loss of tail feathers could well be due to him moulting...this is normal during Autumn...

Check the underside to his foot...he may have would show up as a raised area and may have a brown or black scab...this is treatable...please update with your findings....
Inspect the scales on his feet and legs. Are they swollen, and raised up? He might be suffering from scaly leg mites. If it's fall where you are, molting would account for his tail feathers. A lot of people don't realize rooster do molt, too.
It is my understanding that Tail Feathers are the very LAST feathers to fall-out in a molt; consequently, other feather loss should have been obvious since around the first of September, since a molt can take up to 3 months to complete (according to my Chicken Guide).
Even if the tail feather loss were due to a molt, they surely wouldn't all go at once (??)!
Is there a chance your rooster got into a tangle with a predator, perhaps defending his girls? If so, he could have lost tail feathers and injured his foot doing-battle.
I was thinking the same about the predator. He tens to roost on the fence at times, was thinking maybe a dog grabbed he by his tail and hurt his leg.

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