My Daughter is Going to Duke Universtiy!!!


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My Daughter is going to Duke University. She has been accepted into a program to test intellegence. Oh, I nearly forgot! My "daughter" has 4 legs and fur.

Spook will soon be attending Duke University! Honestly! She has been accepted into the Duke Canine Cognition Center (DCCC). She will be there for experiments testing dogs intelligence.

The DCCC is run out of Dr. Brian Hare's lab in the Department of Evolutionary Anthropology at Duke University. Past studies by Dr. Hare and others have shown that domestic dogs have some unique social cognitive abilities. For example they can interpret human gestures such as pointing or eye gaze to find hidden food. This is a simple task but most other animals, including Great Apes, do not perform well in this experiment. The goal of the DCCC is to run further social cognitive experiments in the form of fun games on pet dogs to explore, in depth, this unique ability.

We are most likely beginning experiments this fall. Testing is expected to take 30 - 60 minutes and should not exceed two hours. I will take Spook to their lab on Duke's West Campus in the Biological Sciences Building where she will participate in various problem solving games to win food rewards. Anyone who knows her, knows Spook LOVES food!!

Thought maybe your readers would like a little bit of fun along with all the important information you give them. I am attaching a picture of Spook for you.

Oh just one last thought. Spook, like many of my students at my school have come from adversity only to rise above it all and succeed in life. Spook was throw away as an 8week old puppy. I found her in a graveyard out behind the house I used to live in. She was very scared and starving. She is now a fat and sassy 11year old who has traveled around the country meeting all kinds of people. She has also been featured on the PaxTV show Miracle Pets and in Women's World Magazine for saving my life on several occassions.

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We don't know if she is full Aussie or not. Someone just dumped her when she was a pup.

Spook is also my Service Dog. She alerts to things that I am allergic to in order to prevent me from going into anaphylatic shock.
No not being nosy. The more people know about Service Dogs the better for those of us that have them. Most people think a helper dog is a Lab, Golden or Shepard. I have a friend that has a Chi for PTSD(post-tramatic stress) I also know some one with a standard sized poodle. Another with a Aussie cross that alerts to changes in cardiac rythm.

We aren't really sure how she knows. Some people think she picks up changes in my breathing even before I feel it. Others think she is picking up chemical changes that are occurring before my body goes into a full systematic responce. She has, however after each time I have a reaction, learned how to recognize the scent of the offending item and will keep me away from it.

I used to have a student who had seizures. Spook would tell us an hour in advance. We would be in another part of the building and she would alert, take me through the halls until she found the student. The students grand mals went from 30min to 5 min in duration after Spook started alerting.

I love people who say in a snotty manner, "You don't look handicapped" I reply with a smile, "You don't look stupid either, but I guess looks can be deceibing."

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