My daughter wants to show at the county fair

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    Mar 31, 2008
    We just started raising chickens around easter. I contacted the local 4H group, and it is too late to sign up for the fair with the group, she will have to show open class. Anyone got any advise on what breed we should show, and what do you need to get started such as a cage, ect.

    We have 14 week old barred rock, and ameracaunas. Twelve week old Rhode Island Reds, Buff Orphingtons, Light Brahmas, Black Austrolorps, White Wyndotte, Golden Comets, 2 white frizzles, 1 black frizzle, 1 white polish rooster, 1 black and white polish hen. How do you choose??? Thanks.
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    Please take this reply with the understanding that we have been there and done that.
    You didn't say where this fair is? When is this fair taking place? How old is your daughter? Have you been to this fair before and watched how they judge the open classes?

    Go ahead and sign her up for 4H, even though she can't show this year, she can pick up a lot of information attending the meetings before the show. And you can ask the advisors any question that pops up.

    Now to the bad news.

    Your birds are much too young to be judged in the next couple of months. Up against a year old they will be at a big disadvantage.
    But I am assuming that it's more for your daughter to experience the thrill of showing at the fair. So go ahead and enter as many as you feel like taking.
    Nice selection of breeds. I'm partial to the 'lorpes and 'orps myself. Get a copy of the entry form and figure out which classes your birds will fall under. If you can borrow or buy a copy of the American Standard of Perfection, it'll help a lot.
    A couple of weeks before the fair it's time to wash the birds for the first time and start them on cage training. A small dog crate will work, the ideal is to get the bird used to being put in and taken out of the cage so it doesn't flip out when it goes to the fair.

    Good luck, and beware, showing chickens is more addictive than crack.
  3. aliciaford

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    Mar 31, 2008
    Thanks for the information. We would be entering in the Clallam Co. Fair in Washington State for mid August. My daughter is 11 and has never watched chickens being judged or anything. We are going to a show this weekend to get a better idea of what we are getting into. I just wanted her to go through the experience and decide if she wants to commit herself to the process.

    The fair supervisor told me that the chicken entries have declined every year and they are really looking for kids with chickens. Hopefully this means that she will have a good experience.

    By the way, where do you buy the "cage"? I havent seen anything like it in my area. Thanks again.
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    Jan 30, 2007
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    are you sure your daughter has to show in the open class? if entries are still being taken, she should be able to enter in the junior class. 4H here in texas really don't do anything but broilers so all the youngters enter on their own for open shows. we call the secretary of the show who mails us the entry forms. usually, you can bring your birds the night before.

    the cages are already set up at the show. you don't need to have a cage. to get the birds acclimated to the cage, use a dog crate or something with shavings on the bottom and practice getting the bird in and out couple times a day.

    your birds are too young to show. AND you probably need to get them tested before taking them to the show. i would definitely do what seymojo said. join your 4H so you can be at the meetings and participate in getting your birds ready. you could probably also find out where the kids at the 4H got their birds. alot of times, kids get their birds from the older guys that have been showing for a while and have culls.

    good luck.
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    Have your daughter pick out a breed she likes. Get online to find the breed in adults. Bantams are more plentiful and easier to pay for shipping. Or subscribe to the poultry press newspaper to find birds for sale. Or find a poultry club and contact the secretary of the club asking for help. Or you could get on eggbid. Eggbid and or following online links for breeders will be the quickest. The best way is to find somebody that lives close to you that shows birds and have them help.

    Most breeders love to sell birds to young people wanting to show at a fair. Share your hopes for your daughter with them.

    Join the ABA American Bantam Association or the APA American Poultry Association. They have lots of information on showing.

    Happy fishing!

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