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  1. sara

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    Yesterday my DH framed out my nursery/broody coop in the barn. I am going to work on putting the chicken wire on this afternoon while Travis naps. I'm so excited about it. It's two sections. One I plan to use for broody hens, but currently it's going to be a temporary coop for the lavender bantams. The other side is going to be for babies once they outgrow the brooder. I'll have to post pictures after I get the wire on. It's nothing fancy, but just what I wanted! [​IMG]
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    That great! It is so nice to have some extra pens so you can accomodate all ages and situations. Having a broody pen is so nice. You don't have to worry about their safety, they are snug and cozy.

    I know how happy you must be! It is amazing how happy we can be over some lumber and chickenwire!
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    Sara, you know my setup and you'll be happy with the versitility of that.
  4. sara

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    I added a picture! It's working out great. The babies go out as soon as the lavenders are in there alone for their 30 days. [​IMG] The left third is where the lavenders are, but eventually be a pen for broodys. The right 2/3 is the baby section.
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    MY DH built me a nursery in the coop also and it was wonderful to move the mother and chicks into it after they hatched. After a day in the run I say "Butterscotch go home", and she heads right in with chicks in tow.


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