My Diverse Flock - Lots of Pictures to Share!

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    There's nothing more that I love than hanging out with my chickens. I can't wait until the days are longer and warmer, and I can spend more time watching chicken 'tv' These pictures are all from the past week. Hope you enjoy my mixed flock! [​IMG] Lorraine - 31 weeks old today.. still no eggs. [​IMG] Jagger - Barred rock rooster - 6 months old on January 12th Dott - Silver Laced Wyandotte - 26 weeks old [​IMG] Jagger again. So studyly :love [​IMG] Janet - Partridge cochin - 7 months old or so. Laid her first egg last Thursday! [​IMG] Steve - my abominable snowman silkie :gig [​IMG] Lorraine picking up random straw or dried grass. Why won't she lay for me?! :barnie [​IMG] My little partridge silkie, Ida. Oh she is so small and cute. I can't imagine her ever laying eggs if she stays this small! It's so funny to see her assert herself to a pullet 5 times her size! (Mabel mostly) [​IMG] Here is Mabel being harrassed by Ruth. I am contemplating whether or not to separate the ducks at this point. Looks like Ruth is trying to mate the girls. He tries.. Hasn't been successful yet. :/ [​IMG] If Jagger wasn't so darned terrified of Ruth (the drake) he probably would protect the girls enough to keep him off them. [​IMG] Right now Steve still holds the alpha-man title. Despite the massive size difference. Hope it stays that way. Steve is such a great rooster. Can't think of a negative thing to say about him at all! [​IMG] Harriet's lacing looks so pretty against the white of the snow She is a buff-laced polish (beardless) for anyone wondering. LF I assume. She is not small enough to be bantam. [​IMG] Dott - Silver Laced Wyandotte [​IMG] Marge - our barred rock pullet who started laying on her six month birthday - January 12th. She's bigger than our older Barred Rock hen, Dixie already! [​IMG] Jagger with his favourite 'big' girl ;) Olive (Buff Orp) [​IMG] One of my favourite pics of the week :love - Jagger [​IMG] Marge again - she has grown so much! [​IMG] Excuse the dirty water.. Ducks make such a mess :rolleyes: [​IMG] Jagger started calling his girls for food this Friday! I thought it was Steve at first, but than Steve walked right past me with the tidbitting sound persisting. My little boy is going to be a sweet man! [​IMG] Never noticed this unlikely duo until I was reviewing the photos. My partridge cochin, Janet and Silver Laced Wyandotte, Dott - seem to be always together. [​IMG] Everyone enjoying the sunshine the day before the storm. They hung out under their favourite bush. Wyandotte, Buff Orpington, Partridge Cochin, Buff Silkie and my muscovy girl, Macy. [​IMG] Pearl - Started laying for us January 17th. She is only a bit older than Lorraine, but smaller. Lorraine is a big girl! :p
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    Very nice pics and beautiful birds. Thanks for sharing.
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    Thank you very much :D
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    May 11, 2010
    I've never seen snow-capped chickens. And, of course, the Silkies look great with a bit of 'frosting' on top!
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    You have a beautiful flock! Love the pictures!
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    Colorful flock and beautiful birds!
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    They're so beautiful! [​IMG] I can see you really love them too. Thanks so much for sharing the pics with us! One of my favorite pics, is the one of your Silver Laced Wyandotte hen, Dot, with the snow on her back. How gorgeous is that?!
  8. oh so prettyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love Steve! how do the silkies get along housed with the rest of your flock? I want one soooo bad but i am afraid to put one in with my 12 regular size flock.

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