my dog ate part of my chicken


5 Years
Apr 24, 2014
My puppy caught and chewed the butt off my chicken. She is bleeding quit a bit, but she is eating and drinking. I can see her clear bubble on her inside, it is not damaged, but can she heal this much damage? I put antibiotics in her water. I just don't want her to suffer!
You may want to help stop the bleeding with cloth or something clean. Antibiotics was a good idea.
Can you post a picture please? What do you mean clear bubble? Her insides?

Flour is good for stopping bleeding. Neosporin and other topicals without any "caine" products good for external injuries. Keep her seperated from others as they will peck her and make it worse.

After bleeding has stopped keep area clean, ointment, and keep an eye out for infection.

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