my dog is obsessed with my quail, the doofus


Nov 9, 2020
Poor poor roxy. She cant handle the existence of something so smol. Shes not aggressive, shes like a tiny little girl who is obsessed with all things cute and has just been handed an entire basket of kittens and told, yes, they are all hers.

She *shakes* when she goes to stare at them, and you physically cannot move her from the side of the coop. She'll dig in and twist to keep them in her line of sight. she is a lab, so I'm wondering if it's their whole retriever thing.

Shes not like this with the chickens either, just the quail. She would stare at them in my room just after they hatched and now she does it at the coup outside. Luckily they arnt bothered by her fangirling and she dosent bark at them.

Crazy pup

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