My Dog Killed My Duck And Now Im Crying


8 Years
Apr 28, 2011
i HAD 1 runner duck that ran around the yard in the morning, and today i was going to put her away for the night and i was calling her (she knows when im calling her) and she wasn't coming so i told my brother to help me look, and i went around the house and i saw her little gray body lying there and i broke out in tears and now i hate the dog, i dont really need any help but i could use the comfort. Please.
Sorry about your lose.
bury her and plant some flowers and hold a little ceremony. It helped me. sorry ofr your loss. (are u absolutely sure it was ur dog... not a raccoon or fox or anything...)
i'm sure it was her cause she had blood on her mouth when she came in, and it was right next to the house. so yes i'm sure.
First of all, I am so sorry for your loss. I'm sure it's hard for you to look at your dog now, but I hope the feeling passes quickly. Your dog was just being a dog.

Last week my daughter accidentally let our dog into the chicken coop and she grabbed one of our hens. We were able to call her off but we thought we'd lost our hen as she just flopped over on her side for an entire day and wouldn't eat or drink. She's now walking again with just a slight limp and I am SO THANKFUL. I, too, had a hard time looking at the dog and was even angry with my daughter, albeit I kept it to myself because I knew it wasn't fair. I gave myself time to get past it and I did. I won't trust my daughter alone with coop chores again, at least not any time soon, and I'm more careful than ever about the dog. It was just one of those things... I wish your story had a happier ending. My heart truly goes out to you.

When that whole thing happened with our dog, I created a post here on BYC asking for help in treating our hurt pullet and only got one response. I felt utterly alone and helpless. It almost turned me off the forum completely but I got over that too. I hope you find the comfort that you need here right now. Healing thoughts to you...
I'm feeling sorry for you and your duck. I have a real soft spot for Runner ducks, and I know what you're feeling. We recently had a duck tradgedy in the family too.

I lost a duckling to one of my dogs a few weeks ago. I felt so guilty, was so mad at myself.
So, to make it up to my poor lil lone duckling I had left I went and got her 4 new buddies. She felt better with friends, and I felt better once she was happy again.

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