My DS needs help with an idea for a poster. (Update - Blue Ribbon Winner)


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Dec 24, 2008
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My son is creating a poster for a competition. The topic is Nutrition (for poultry) which I assume is feeding them not eating them. The poster has to be normal poster board size. Other than that there are really no other guidelines other than siting your sources and putting you name on it. The problem is we can't think of an idea for the poster. So I thought some of the BYC folk might help come up with an idea.
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Maybe he could look into the hows and whys regarding the different feeding regimens for a layer flock versus a meat flock versus a breeding flock.

He could also look into mixing one's own feeding mix. i.e. what ingredients one could use and in what proportions.

just some ideas!
You could also staple clear plastic baggies full of different feed items, such as a baggie of crumbles, a grain mix, dry oatmeal, whole corn, etc. so people can actually have a visual of some of the items fed to poultry.
I don't think he can actually use the bags of food, but I would have to check to be sure. Otherwise that is a good idea. They all are good ideas. We appreciate the suggestions. We were just trying to think of something that would be eye catching and not just a bunch of written information, but the Nutrition topic just doesn't seem to be to exciting.
Well thankyou to everyone to gave some suggestions. We came up with an idea and have created the poster which will be submitted for the competition on the 17th. After the competition is over and he gets the poster back I will take a picture to post here for anyone who would like to see it. My DS did the artwork and of course some of the printed information was typed on the computer and then pasted to the board.
So my son recieved a blue ribbon on his Nutrition Poster, and now we wait to find out if it was chosen as one of the top three winners. He also recieves points that go toward the High Point Award in Poultry, but for those who would like to see what we came up with here it is.
Congratulations to your son -- he did a great job! I love his artwork (and the hatching eggs!). Way to go!

Thank you for the update! the "thoughtful" chicken, that was very witty!
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